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La Brea sunset overlooking LA

At La Brea we love creating eyewear that blends the best of vintage and contemporary styles. We're always optimistic, and live for expression and adventure. We never compromise on quality. Every pair of our sunglasses is built with three important things in mind:
La Brea staying true to our roots

Stay true to our roots

We started La Brea in 2015 and are located on Bay Street in Santa Monica. It's a beautiful place lined with palm trees and a shimmeringly blue ocean. Los Angeles is filled with visionaries and creators; business professionals and artists; locals and visitors; all chasing their dreams in a city of sunlight. We find inspiration from the spirit and energy all around us, and aim to share it with the rest of the world.  


La Brea take some risks

Take Risks

Life is too short to always take the safe route. The eyewear industry has been dominated by the same handful of players for years - and we want to change that. Try something new; add a pop of color; let’s bring some excitement to the world


La Brea listen to the customer


We build every product with feedback and insights from our customers. These products are for you, so they should be by you. Feel free to reach out anytime (here, or on IG @labreala) with your ideas, feedback, and inspiration.
Together, we can create something truly special.



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